Boat with a Pro

If you're a boater, we help you put the 'play' back in your day of boating! CrewOnCall matches you with crew for those moments every boater
encounters where the responsibility of boating gets in the way of having a good time.
Crew On Call for hands-on training, captains, crew and services by the day, week or year.

New Boater or just new to the area and looking for some helpful expert guidance? Crew On Call can match you with Captains and crew to help you feel more confident in your boat handling and navigation skills. On-Board Training
Crew On Call gives you access to experts in fishing, SCUBA diving, freediving, spearfishing, towing sports, trip planning, sailing and just about any other boating activity you can think of. On-Water Pros
Enjoy your boat without the work. Crew On Call has captains and crew available to take all of the responsibility of safe operation off your shoulders so you can get the most from your time on the water. Take a cruise or create a special night out without all the work On-Board and Off Line
Send family, customers, clients or whomever you want out on your boat with Crew On Call captains to ensure your vessel is in good hands and your guests stay safe and get the benefits of local knowledge to make the most of their boating day. Share the Experience
Take advantage of Crew On Call to find captains or crew and move business meetings to the best possible venue On-Board. Unlike golf, everyone wants to go boating. On-Board Business
Crew On Call wants qualified professional mariners to help boaters get the most out of boating so all crew profiles are free to post and communicate with boaters. No Fees, Costs or exploitation of any kind. If you are a crew member looking for other crew you will have to subscribe to contact new crew. Crew Cruise Free
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