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Posted by: Chris S



Jake gets schooled



Damaged props, scratched hulls, stress and drama are a thing of the past with boating lessons from Crew On Call captains. Onboard boat driving lessons are the best way to reach your goal of confident and safe boat operation for you, your family, guests onboard your boat and other boaters around you. Imagine docking, anchoring and navigating like a pro! Our captains offer lessons on driving a boat for any skill level.  


Online boating safety courses, classroom boating safety courses offered by the U.S.C.G Auxilliary are always a first step to learn the rules of the road. Just like getting your driver's license, you learned the rules, then you learned to drive with an experienced driver.  Boating is no different, and boat driving lessons are an important part of becoming a safe boater. Crew On Call captains have years of experience teaching hands-on boating skills, helping boaters get more out of their boating adventure. Captains offer help in docking, anchoring, sailing, vessel systems, navigation, station holding or any element of boating that is requested. Boat driving lessons help boaters make the most of their day and their time on the water.


Crew On Call captains are licensed by the USCG and have been offering boat driving lessons to boaters of all types. Boating lessons for women, men and kids  are offered by a local experienced captain  happy to share their knowledge. Boats have become more complicated and simpler to operate at the same time. Knowing how your boat works and the various systems for trim, modern electronics and propulsion will help you get the most out of your boat in both speed and efficiency. If you are a new boater or a long time boater interested in expanding your skill set, consider CrewOnCall captains for a day on the water.  


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