Hire A Boat or Yacht Captain

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Do you own a boat or yacht and ever wanted to hire a boat captain, mate, or crew for any variety of reasons? Some of the more common reasons to hire a captain are for deliveries, extended excursions, or just convenience. Crew are helpful when it comes to standing watch, line handling, maintenance and cleaning or skills like fishing, diving or local knowledge. Boaters looking for a boat captain for hire typically ask around at their marina, friends or a referral from another yacht captain for hire that may not be available for a particular set of dates. Crew On Call is all of these things built into an easy to use website which makes it easy for boaters to hire a boat captain. Watch this Crew On Call video.


Crew On Call has been placing yacht captains for hire for over 7 years. Over 1,100 captains and crew are registered on the site from across the country. More than 11,000 boaters have used www.CrewOnCall.com to search for and hire a boat captain. Crew On Call is a database of freelance crew and yacht captains for hire. Boaters search their local area and narrow the results with keywords until they find the perfect captain or crew to meet their needs.  Boaters and crew message one another directly on the site to set up times and make all arrangements. Crew On Call does not charge commissions or referral fees. It is a simple subscription service where boaters can create their own list of favorite crew and captains for hire.



Crew On Call has helped boaters find captains and crew for all types of service on all types of boats. Captains have been found on the site for 150’ Motor yachts, 26’ fishing boats, sailboat deliveries and everything in-between. Crew On Call captains for hire are able to register on the site for free, posting their profiles and linking to their own websites to showcase their skills and experience. Crew On Call has crew available every day to help boaters find crew or captains for hire and can provide recommendations for boaters to meet each of their unique needs. Our mission at Crew On Call is to ensure that boaters are getting the most of their limited time on the water. Gaining the experience and skills to master boating takes years and dedication. Crew On Call crew has that experience and provides an absolute value to boaters wanting the most out of their boating.  Crew On Call is better boating.