Boat Yacht Delivery


Seasons change and so does the location of your boat. If your yacht was meant to stay in one place it would be a house. The majority of boat deliveries are heading south in the winter and north in the summer following the boating weather for year round enjoyment. Crew On Call has hundreds of captains across the country able willing and eager to transport your boat over water wherever you need it to go. Boat delivery can certainly be an exercise in trust between owners and captains that are not familiar with each other, but not everyone enjoys the long days at sea experienced during a yacht delivery and the convenience of hiring a capable qualified captain to complete the trip is a great option for many boat owners.



It takes a great deal of confidence for a boater to hand over his keys and credit card for dockage and fuel to a captain. It also requires a great deal of confidence and skill for a captain to take to the sea in a vessel without knowing the level and quality of maintenance the boat has received or its complete history. There are gremlins and indiocyncricies in every boat even those of the same make and model. An experienced captain is quick to identify and properly manage anything that comes up while hired to deliver a boat. Crew On Call has captains that specialize in yacht delivery and have thousands of miles safely aboard as a delivery captain.


Things any boater should look for when selecting a delivery captain to move their boat from one port to another. First and foremost is a USCG captains license. That being said a captain’s license does not make the captain, but it is a good start. Experience is key when looking at profiles and resumes. Has the captain every had experience on a similar vessel, does he/she do deliveries regularly, are they familiar with the waters that the vessel is expected to transit? Qualified captains should also be experienced with the vessel systems.  A simple issue can stop a delivery in its wake potentially leading to a high repair cost or towing bill to get the boat to safe harbor. A good delivery captain will be able to identify these issues at the start and either repair the problem or prevent it from turning into a costly event. When looking for a delivery captain on you can see hundreds of capatins profiles and resumes. You can communicate with them individually on the site or you can post what when and where you want your boat delivered and the captains will contact you with their info.