How it works

How it Works

  • If you're a boater, we help you put the 'play' back in your day of boating!  CrewOnCall matches you with crew members who operate the boat while you enjoy your boat.  It's a great solution to those moments every boater encounters where the responsibility of boating gets in the way of having a good time.

  • With a hired captain, you get to enjoy time with friends or family. 

  • With a hired captain, you can send clients or guests out for a great day on the water even when your schedule means you can't join them.

  • With a hired captain, you can refresh your boat handling skills.

  • With a hired deckhand, you've got help with lines and someone to clean up at the end of the day.

  • With a hired crewmember, your guests can have concierge-level service.

  • And it doesn't end there . . . we offer referrals for detailers, boat washers, boat service specialists.  Bottom line – Just ask, because “We have Crew for that!

  • Boaters complete a simple form and immediately get connected with crew in your area. Learn about available crew, communicate with crew directly on the site and make all of the arrangements.  

  • Boaters search for free and only pay a small monthly fee to communicate with as many crew members as they need.

  • Individuals representing themselves as qualified crew members register for free with CrewOnCall and get instant notifications of the kinds of jobs they seek via text and email.  Crew communicate directly with boaters to get job details and make all arrangements.


  • CrewOnCall is a Florida business entity providing a worldwide link to the best crew.

  • Our crew members are local to boater requests, we work on and around the water and we like promoting the best of boating.

  • Notifications are active 24/7 and there are almost always crew to respond.

  • With CrewOnCall you experience the best your boating adventures have to offer.

Search for Crew

  • Search the CrewOnCall database. Complete the information and we'll show you crew profiles that match your requests. You'll be able to contact the crew members you select directly.

  • What are you looking for?

    • Captain

    • On-Board Training

    • Mate

    • Steward (food / drink service)

    • Vessel Management

    • Service provider

  • Location (Zip Code)

  • Keyword (optional, searches crew members description)

  • Select

    • All Crew

    • Favorites

List a job

  • Ready for CrewOnCall to find you a referral?  Complete the info and click “List” and we'll instantly transmit your search request to Crew Members who've listed on the site.  Interested / available crew will respond directly to you with pricing, questions and availability.


  • If you have a passion for boating and love to share your skills and experience with others, we want you on the water. CrewOnCall refers our listed crews to boaters needing short or long term crew services. Day trips, sightseeing cruises, business meetings, deliveries, trip planning and training are our most common requests. If you're interested in filling some of your days with a profitable outing and helping your customers have a great day on the water, let us know. Complete the form on this page and we'll be in touch!

Manage Profile

  • Your profile is how CrewOnCall connects boaters and captains. Complete the info and let’s get started!

  • Are you a boater, crew or both?

  • Name (First  Last)

  • Cell number for SMS notifications

  • Photo (selection of avatars or upload own photo)

  • Description, help other understand what your skills and interests are.

  • Crew (select on or multiple)

    • Captain
    • On-Board Training
    • Mate
    • Steward (food / drink service)
    • Vessel Management
    • Service provider
  • Website (If you have a website, put the address here, we will link it and add it to your profile)
  • Resume (Current members will be able to view your uploaded resume)